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New Spanish sessions, videos, and playlists for you and your kids.

Learn How Teachers, Counselors, and Students Model Mindfulness Together at Fresno Unified School District

Mind Yeti is a digital library of research-based guided audio sessions that helps support the well-being and social-emotional-academic development of kids (K-Grade 5) at school and home.

Find a way to 

get along

Mind Yeti helps kids practice gratitude, empathy for others, and kindness toward themselves.

De-stress, relax,

and calm down

When life gets overwhelming, Mind Yeti gives both kids and adults a tool to cope. Ease anxiety in just a few moments in a day.


Get more out of

study time

Focus is an important predictor of academic success. Help your kids strengthen their ability to focus and finish their homework.

Go to sleep

Make Mind Yeti part of your bedtime routine. Teach kids to relax at the end of the day and end the bedtime battle.

Mindfulness with Kids: What the Research Tells Us

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Creating a More Positive Community of Practice

"I was surprised by how

well my students took to it and how they described their feelings afterward. We've used it every day since."

Misty S.


"It's a nice way to end the day together...kind of like reading a book."


Sarah M.

"At first, I was like, 'Why are we listening to this?' But then, after a while, I was like, 'Wow, this really helps,' and I started using it all the time."

Francis L.



Why Choose Mind Yeti?

Thousands of parents, teachers, and counselors use Mind Yeti to help kids calm down, focus their attention, and get ready for whatever's next.

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