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3 Mindful Activities You Can Do at the Park

One of the best ways to spend family time together is to take a trip to the local park. Not only do visits to the park allow families to relax and play, they also open up opportunities to build social-emotional skills like gratitude and kindness. Encourage kids to boost those Mind Yeti Powers with these 3 mindful activities you can do at the park:

Search for 4-Leaf Clovers

If you’ve ever found a 4-leaf clover, you’ll know that scavenging for “lucky clovers” takes patience, focus, and kindness toward yourself. Practice these Yeti Powers with your family by searching for 4-leaf clovers together. If you don’t actually find one of those specially mutated clovers, stay positive! The goal here is to build social-emotional skills while trying your best and having fun.

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Have a Mindful Picnic

When we eat, how often do we slow down and show gratitude for the food that’s been prepared for us? A mindful picnic is a fun way to “play” with our food while also taking a moment to really focus on the stuff that makes our bodies go. Asking simple questions about food—What does it look like? What does it feel like on our fingertips? What sounds does it make when we eat it?—helps foster curiosity and attention to detail. Try it at your next family picnic, and see what you notice.

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Pause and Create

What do you pack for a trip to the park? Water? Food? What about creative supplies? Items like markers, journals, or even just a phone to take pictures with are all you need to make your next park outing into a mini art retreat. Taking a purposeful pause to create is not only fun and relaxing, it also allows you and your family to sit and reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

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Try these mindful activities on your next park adventure and see what social-emotional skills you’ll build together. If you have your own mindful activities that you’ve tried with your family, be sure tell us about them @mindyeti.

❤️ The Mind Yeti Team

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