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3 Mindfulness Sessions for Your Techy Kids

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

When it comes to kids who like computers, video games, and robots, classroom material can be a little dry. But helping tech-loving kids settle into class time or family time might be as easy as capturing their imagination with some tech-themed mindfulness exercises. Check out these 3 technology-themed Mind Yeti sessions that you can enjoy with your kids:

  • Robot Power Up: "Robot Power Up" is a short exercise for kids and their adults to practice self-regulation and breathing techniques by imagining themselves as robots of their own invention. Take a purposeful pause to fine-tune your robot settings and return to the room ready for what’s next.

  • Astronaut Liftoff: A favorite of our space enthusiasts, "Astronaut Liftoff" is a great way to start the day off mindfully. In “Astronaut Liftoff,” kids and their adults are asked to prepare themselves like an astronaut getting ready for liftoff by thinking up a list of tasks they want to accomplish that day. Tech-loving kids will get a kick out of imagining their world as a space station and hearing all the whirs and beeps of the station’s modules as they get ready to “launch” into the day ahead.

  • Technology Reset: Transitions away from device time can be a point of contention between kids and their parents, guardians, and teachers. When tech-loving kids play with their gadgets, they're transported to a far-off world that's hard to come back from. Help kids get their two feet back on planet earth with “Technology Reset,” a session designed specifically to ease those transitions.

Kids who love tech often have big, expansive imaginations that can take them to new planets and worlds, even when the rest of us are still here in the present moment. Embrace the imagination of the techy kid in your life with one of our tech-themed mindfulness sessions and explore new worlds right alongside them.

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