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Discover and Boost Your Mindfulness Skills in Our New Power Portal

The human mind is amazing. It has an important job to do that is unlike the job of any other part of your body. Your brain is always working, making sure you’re breathing, thinking, moving, and responding to your environment. But sometimes our brains can get overwhelmed by all the thoughts, feelings, and sensations we’re experiencing. We call that feeling of being overwhelmed “the Hubbub.”

By practicing mindfulness, you can train your brain to respond in different ways when the Hubbub bubbles up. That’s because mindfulness practice teaches you specific skills like slow breathing and noticing your thoughts and feelings. Think of the skills you learn through mindfulness practice as “super powers” you can use in any situation, any time you need them. They help you settle the Hubbub, which in turn can help you calm down, focus, reset, and even go to sleep.

If you’ve been using Mind Yeti regularly, you know how great it feels to listen to a session when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. And you’ve probably already noticed a bunch of different ways you can use the skills you’ve learned in your life, even when you’re not in front of your computer. This week, we’re launching a brand new section of the Mind Yeti site to make it even easier for you to discover and boost your mindfulness skills and apply them to your daily life. It’s called the “Power Portal,” and we think you’re going to love it.

What is the Power Portal?

The Power Portal is a new section of the Mind Yeti site where you can discover your Yeti Powers, a set of seven distinct skills that can be learned through regular mindfulness practice. Each Yeti Power lives on its own island within the portal and is represented by a colorful gem.

Your Yeti Powers

Breath: Learn to calm your body and mind

Thoughts: Train your wandering mind to come back to the present moment

Feelings: Accept your feelings and let them pass without judgment

Body: Move mindfully to focus and reset

Senses: Unlock the power of your five senses

Gratitude: Discover the mood-changing power of saying “thank you”

Kindness: Improve your mood and the mood of the others

How do I use the Power Portal?

When you log in to Mind Yeti, click on “Power Portal” to get started. You’ll see a map of the seven Yeti Power islands. We recommend you start at the Breath island, but you can click on any island to start working on that skill area. Mind Yeti will suggest specific guided audio sessions to listen to, each one designed to help you practice that Yeti Power. The more sessions you listen to, the more you boost your powers. Each Yeti Power has a series of Free and Premium sessions available, so anyone can boost their Yeti Powers, anytime. When you’re done practicing a particular power, just click “Back” to return to the Power Portal to select another power to work on, or click “Back” again to access a list of all our session categories.

Boost Your Yeti Powers with New Sessions

As a special gift for our Mind Yeti Basic users, we’ve added three new free sessions to help flesh out the Power Portal:

And our Premium members will find that we’ve added 20 new Premium sessions as well. Refer to this full list of new sessions available today for more information.

Hey, wait … MindYeti.com looks different now. Where are the “Learn the Basics” sessions?

If you’ve been using Mind Yeti a lot, you’ll notice that we’ve replaced our “Learn the Basics” category with the Power Portal. But don’t worry! All of the great “Learn the Basics” sessions you love are still available. If you’ve “favorited” sessions in the past, they’ll still be in your Favorites list, so you can easily find them. If you haven’t, don’t worry! Just click around in the Power Portal. You’ll find all your old favorites are there, although some do have new names. Refer to this handy cheat sheet if you get stuck.

We hope you have fun exploring the new content and interacting with the Power Portal. Share your feedback with us anytime on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or send an email tohello@mindyeti.com with your comments.

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