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MindYetiXASCA19: Recap of the Counselors' Conference

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Fresh off Mind Yeti's debut at ISTE 2019, a global EdTech conference, our team headed off to Boston to talk mindfulness with attendees of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) conference. We had so much fun meeting counselors from all over the world and hearing their response to our digital library of guided audio sessions. Here are some of the highlights:

Our friends from The Great Kindness Challenge were there

We were so honored to attend the ASCA conference alongside our partner The Great Kindness Challenge. If you didn't know, The Great Kindness Challenge is an amazing program that “challenges” kids to create a culture of kindness at home and school through a checklist of kind acts—sort of like bingo, but for kindness!

It was an absolute blast exhibiting alongside our partner and bringing a little extra kindness to the busy conference floor. Great Kindness Challenge, we love you!

And Second Step was too

Fellow Committee for Children program Second Step also had a booth right next to ours and spent the conference talking social-emotional learning with its hundreds of visitors. They also had some really cool swag items, just to make sure folks didn't go home empty-handed.

But we came for you!

We were thrilled with the number of people who stopped by and took a #purposefulpause with a Mind Yeti session. Our booth was designed to help give attendees a break from the busy conference floor and take a "pause" for themselves, so it was a real joy when folks came by and did just that.

We knew that counselors at the conference would have some really smart insights for our guided mindfulness sessions, but we were blown away by the amount of positivity we received.

Thank you to the American School Counselor Association for giving us this amazing opportunity. ASCA 2019, we miss you already.

❤️ The Mind Yeti Team

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