Bring Mindfulness

to Your Entire School Community

Unlock full access to the growing library of mindfulness sessions for all the staff in your school.


Why Choose Mind Yeti for Schools?

When kids are in the right frame of mind to focus and learn, there's no limit to their success. Give all your teachers and counselors unlimited access to a growing number of mindfulness sessions that can help students focus and calm down, kickstart the school day and improve classroom management.

Mindfulness for Kids Works

"We are thrilled with Mind Yeti! We've seen immediate results in quickly calming down and getting back on task, especially with some of our most challenging students."

Nikki Marie Reid

LMSW, Intervention Specialist Coordinator, Aldine Independent School District, Houston, TX

"At first, I was like, 'Why are we listening to this?' But then, after a while, I was like, 'Wow, this really helps,' and I started using it all the time.

Francis L.

Fourth Grade Student


Pricing for Schools

With a growing library of guided mindfulness sessions for Kindergarten-Grade 5 students, Mind Yeti supports a more positive climate by helping kids cope with stress and practice compassion toward themselves and others.


Unlimited staff per school

80+ sessions for kids

Access to new sessions

Access to exclusive resources

Bring mindfulness to your

entire school community.


Mindfulness Sessions Lead to Classroom Success

See how mindfulness in the classroom can help create a happy, calm, and positive culture for students and teachers alike.


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